8 Reasons to Choose Hyundai Wacotec

1) Cleaner, Clearer, Better Tasting Water

The most obvious benefits of Hyundai Water Treatment System are the dramatic improvement in water taste, odor and clarity.

2) Healthier, Better Quality Water

Many systems improve the way water looks and tastes. But very few also reduce potentially harmful contaminants, and even fewer effectively eliminate waterborne bacteria and viruses. The Hyundai Water Treatment System does all of that. It effectively removes more than 140 different contaminants and destroys more than 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and viruses.

3) Tested and Certified

Water Quality and NSF international is a non-profit organization recognized worldwide as the leading independent testing and certification authority on water treatment systems. And Hyundai Water Treatment System is certified for the reduction of more health-effect contaminants than any other UV/Carbon-based system.

4) Unique, Advanced and Leading Technology

The Hyundai Water Treatment System combines the best water treatment technologies available: Carbon Block Filter and Nano Technology. The various water systems help to resolve customer’s needs and expectations. It is the combination of such technology that makes Hyundai so unique.

5) Backed Over Years Of Research With Patents Issued and Well-Received in 32 Countries

Hyundai Water Treatment Systems is the result of years of research in water treatment technology. It was designed and developed by Hyundai engineers and scientists. Hyundai Water treatment System is patent worldwide, granted or pending. Since the launch of Hyundai Water Treatment System, the system has been well-received in more than 32 countries worldwide.

6) User Friendly and Safety Features

Unlike bottled water, the Hyundai Water Treatment System can provide for all daily drinking and cooking needs an average family requires. Safety features to prevent your children from getting burn.

7) Easy Maintenance

Some filters and treatment systems require filter change every month, if not more frequently. However, the Hyundai Water Treatment System can provide 5000 liters or one year of water, whichever comes first.

8) Great Quality and Value-For-Money

Although the Hyundai Water Treatment System provides superior performance and convenience, its cost of treatment is actually less than many other systems.