About Us

Purelux focuses the maintenance and promotion of our everyday health. We comprehend that elements such as clean water and air are essential in our daily life and thus influencing the health status of every individual to a path of good health.

Specializing in water purifier system, water dispenser, air purifier and other well-being products, we carry the best products from leading companies so that our clients can be assured of best quality and services, efficiency and cost effectivePureLux – Your Way To A Healthy Livingness in today’s standard of living. Importantly, we recognise individual differences and the importance of flexibility; and will therefore do our best to customize to our clients’ priorities and needs.

We trust that our service excellence and detailed planning will meet and exceed the client’s expectation in achieving a better healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

To improve the world’s standard of living with effective health care solutions.

Our Mission

To have in mind our client’s health and provide efficient and effective solution to meet their needs.


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