Beginning Of New Leap with Hi Seoul Brand

The Korean Government has launched a brand “Hi Seoul” to qualified companies who are selected among domestic manufacturers of wide products range under their strict standards. This brand represent Korean wave, the spirit of Hi Seoul Brand. Korean Wave is called to hallyu refers to growing popularity of South Korea entertainment specially on Korean drama, K-pop and culture beginning in Asia and now in other countries of the world dramatically.Hyundai Hi Seoul

An American journalist from Californian daily newspaper described this wave as a “pop culture tsunami” flowing from South Korea to the United States and to the rest of the world. This wave is regarded as impact on the South Korea economy as well as on the influence of South Korea. People who are influenced on Hallyu have more preferred Korean products than before and it has contributed to a great growing demand of Korean goods.

Dear Valuable Customers,

“Hi Seoul” brand have given Purelux and our customers confident in Hyundai’s products as this brand if only given to qualified Korean companies, who manufacture the best quality product by the strict quality control system. This is to ensure we can offer our best service to the customers.

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