Air Purifier – HYAP-201

Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP-201
Certificate HYAP-201, HYAP-202
Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP (2)
Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP (1)
Hyundai Air Purifier
  • Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP-201
  • Certificate HYAP-201, HYAP-202
  • Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP (2)
  • Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP (1)
  • Hyundai Air Purifier

Hyundai Air Purifier – HYAP-201

Powerful Deodorization Strength needed?

Hyundai Air Purifier gives you

  • High-performance and high- efficiency nano silver HEPA filter
  • 9-Step air clean system
  • Intelligent Full automatic operation system

Against Construction materials, Toxic gas, cigarette smoke, food, pets and various other indoor odors.

It will help maintain your family’s health and the performance level of students and professional when installed at home or other confined spaces such as apartment, offices, research labs, VIP rooms, hospitals, schools and bars. With the huge capacity coverage of 70sqm, it is able to effectively filter and clean a home or offices.

Strongly recommended for use in hospital, schools, restaurants, entertainment establishments, kindergartens offices, shop and any location where air contamination and foot traffic level are high.

Today we live in perhaps the greatest material civilization of all time, but the polluted air is putting our health and minds at risk. Microscopic dust, various types of toxic gas, virus, and other urban contaminants have occupied our environment causing great damage to ourselves.

Why Use Hyundai Air Purifer

  1. Excellent Air Cleaning Capabilities through 9 steps filtration
    HEPA can effectively remove the mirco dusts indoor to make the indoor air free from dust.
  2. More Enhanced deodorization function
    2 stages of Carbon Urethane filter can effectively remove various smells and odor.
  3. Antibiotic Performance
    Antibiotic function is added to the system, so the propagation of common germs and molds which exist in dusts is prevented through 4 stages of filtration
  4. High Wind Power and low noise SIROCOPAN
    With the aid of our new technology, SIROCOPAN low noise motor. Ventilation is greatly increased with low noise output.
  5. Automatic Operation by sensing a pollution level
    Our air purifier is equipped with real-time sensor where the system is able to sense the conditions of surrounding air and pollution. The air purifier will automatically control air flow to ensure clean air at all times.


Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP-201Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP (1)

Hyundai Air Purifier - HYAP (2)

Product Name Hyundai Air Purifier
Model Name HYAP-201
Power Supply AC 220V/50 HZ
Power Rate 30 W
Operating method Mulitple ( Filter + Electronic Type )
Weight 10 Kg
Dimension 440 x 250 x 780 (WxDxH)
Coverage 70sqm
Service Life –          Prefilter : Cleaning and washing every 2-4 weeks-          Static electricity sheet : 12 months-          Antiniotic medium filter : 12 months-          Nano Silver Composite HEPA filter : 12 months

–          Composite deodorization filter : 12 months

–          Ion generator : Semi Permanent




Certificate HYAP-201, HYAP-202


Hyundai Air Purifier
HYAP 201

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