Elkay H/C

Elkay H&C Floor Standing Dispenser - ELK150

Elkay – ELK150 Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Elkay is well-known for their water dispenser and plumbing equipment. This water dispenser is known for its design and durability.

Existing Bottle Rental dispenser are similar model as Elkay 150.

Using Direct Piped Elkay water dispenser is more cost effective, such dispenser can easily serve you for more than 5-7 years.

  • Savings from buying mineral water
  • Better quality water than distilled water
  • No more replacing of cumbersome and heavy bottles from bottled water dispenser
  • No more space wastage for storing empty and used water bottle
Cooling System LG Compressor (1/10HP)
Material of Tank Stainless Steel.
Tank Capacity 7.0 Liters
Consumption 69.5 W
Cooling Temperature 4-7C
Heating System Sheath heater
Material Of Tank Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity 2.0 Liters
Consumption 575 W
Heating Temperature 80-90C
Temperature Control Bimetal Sensors
Water Reservoir tank capacity 4 Liters
Material of body ABS and EGI Steel



Elkay Water dispenser

* All items include installation and delivery (except water bottles). Free delivery for purchases above $100.

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