Hyundai “Hi-Seoul” HWJ-110S

Hyundai "Hi-Seoul" HWJ-110S

Hyundai “Hi-Seoul” HWJ-110S

HWJ-110S, latest design by Hyundai and it is selected by “Hi Seoul” Korean wave program. Now a water dispenser is no longer just to provide you with clean and pure drinking water, with HWJ Series, it plays a part in your interior design. HWJ-110 Series come in 3 colors, elegance design which lights indictor. Using the highest quality material such as Swaroski jewelry to enhance its appearance. Instant Hot/Cold water all time ready which child safety feature.

HWJ-110S is designed with different filtration system, giving customers option to choose the type and needs from water. Example; UF system, alkaline system, Nano Technology system, RO system.

Hyundai "Hi-Seoul" HWJ-110S

Hyundai “Hi-Seoul” HWJ-110S (Table Top) Specifications

Cooling System LG Compressor ( 1/10HP)
Material of Tank Stainless Steel.
Tank Capacity 4.0 Liters
Consumption 80 W
Cooling Temperature 4-7C
Heating System Sheath heater
Material Of Tank Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity 2.0 Liters
Consumption 450 W
Heating Temperature 80-90C
Temperature Control Bimetal Sensors
Water Reservoir tank capacity 5 Liters
Material of body ABS and EGI Steel
Dimension 310(W) X 315 (D) X 530 (H)

In Singapore, Water filtration systems are usually marked at high price. We are taking this advantage to bring you Hyundai’s filters and equipment at a reasonable price because we believe a healthy lifestyle is the key to good health.

Using Direct Piped water dispenser is more cost effective, such dispenser can easily serve you for more than 5 years.

  • Savings from buying mineral water
  • Better quality water than distilled water
  • No more replacing of bottle from bottled water dispenser
  • No more space wastage for storing empty and used water bottle

Hyundai "Hi-Seoul" HWJ-110 & HWJ-110S

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