LIFE Foldable Water Bottle

Hyundai Life Water Bottle -Structure
Hyundai Life Water Bottle - Filter
Hyundai Life Water Bottle
  • Hyundai Life Water Bottle -Structure
  • Hyundai Life Water Bottle - Filter
  • Hyundai Life Water Bottle

Hyundai Life Water Bottle

Have you wonder what to do when you need water but you are at somewhere without clean water source?

Hyundai’s Life Water Bottle is small and easy to carry around. Suitable for camping or outdoor activities, this small special filter empower you with the abilities to create drinking water from any water source even river water.

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use as a straw mode – We can drink clean and filtered water directly through this Life ater filter from not only tap water but also water source such as river water, stream, lake etc. this Life filter come with a foldable water bottle for you store and filter clean water for emergency.
  • Able to get the clean & safe water by removing those bacteria in water through Life membrane filter (0.01micron)
  • Authentic antibacterial Ag ceramic ball prevents pollution inside the filter

Hyundai Life Water Bottle -Structure

Product Structure

  • Body: It is composed of colour filter housing with Life Membrane & Antibacterial Ag Ceramic balls inside, upper & lower caps and neck strap.
  • Foldable water bottle: Foldable water bottle has a loop for holding it to backpack or belt, easy to carry around as it’s a folding type bottle.

Hyundai Life Water Bottle - Filter

Filter System

  • Life Membrane Filter: Removal of bacteria, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules colloidal material and etc. up to 99.9% except minerals
  • Antibacterial Ag Ceramic Ball: Sterilization / Removal of harmful heavy metal.

Hyundai Life Water Bottle

Why you should use Hyundai’s Life Foldable Water bottle filter

  • Multipurpose : Straw type, Foldable water bottle and easy to carry
  • Function: Directly obtain drinking water by Life Membrane.
  • Interchange ability: PET bottle is compatible to Life Water Filter
  • Economical: Small in size and effective water filtration capacity (800 litres)


Hyundai’s Life Water Bottle

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