Romeo II

Hyundai Romeo II

Hyundai Romeo II

Romeo II by Hyundai, designed to cater for office and home use. Come with HOT & COLD system. Hyundai is specializing in water filtration system for years with highest quality. We ensure cost saving by reasonable price and customer satisfaction. To ensure long term customers and services.

Our floor standing series is suitable for meeting rooms, clinics or shop front. It is designed with huge capacity to serve a reasonable amount of users.

Romeo Series is designed with different filtration system, giving customers option to choose the type and needs from water. Example: UF system, alkaline system, Nano Technology system, RO system.

In Singapore, Water filtration systems are usually marked at high price. We are taking this advantage to bring you Hyundai’s filters and equipment at a reasonable price because we believe a healthy lifestyle is the key to good health.

Using Direct Piped water dispenser is more cost effective, such dispenser can easily serve you for more than 5 years.

  • Savings from buying mineral water
  • Better quality water than distilled water
  • No more replacing of bottle from bottled water dispenser
  • No more space wastage for storing empty and used water bottle

Specification for Romeo II Floor Standing Model

Cooling System LG Compressor ( 1/10HP)
Material of Tank Stainless Steel.
Tank Capacity 3.0 Liters
Consumption 80 W
Cooling Temperature 4-7C
Heating System Sheath heater
Material Of Tank Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity 3.0 Liters
Consumption 500 W
Heating Temperature 80-90C
Temperature Control Bimetal Sensors
Water Reservoir tank capacity 5 Liters
Material of body ABS and EGI Steel
Dimension 370(W) X 410 (D) X 1200 (H)



Certificate Romeo 1 & 2


Romeo Series II System
R/O – $1599
UF – $899

* All items include installation and delivery (except water bottles). Free delivery for purchases above $100.

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