• LIFE Foldable Water Bottle

    Hyundai Life Water Bottle Have you wonder what to do when you need water but you are at somewhere without clean water source? Hyundai’s Life Water Bottle is small and easy to carry around. Suitable for camping or outdoor activities, this small special filter empower you with the abilities to[…]

  • WACO Water Pitcher HWP-105

    Hyundai WACO Water Pitcher HWP-105 Hyundai’s water pitcher is designed to provide basic filtered water for household; it is easy to use and hassle-free. Enjoy the safe drinking water by Hyundai’s water pitcher at economic price. Why Use Water Pitcher? Tap water in Singapore is safe to consume, but it[…]

  • Balance Water HC-1000 & HC 1100

    Hyundai Balance Water HC-1000 & HC 1100 Drink water which contains Minerals Everywhere you go. Hc-1000 series filter – Portable water filtration system, instantly purifies water giving you clean, great tasting water wherever you are. Just carry a HC bottle with you; it is all you need for a clean[…]